Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Career Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Career Plan - Essay Example The third stage involves a decision making process, where an individual has to choose a particular career specialization from a variety of options. Lastly, an individual needs to formulate an action plan and ensure that they execute the provision of the plan in consideration of the stipulated period (Perry, Nancy, & Zark, p. 22). The career enables individuals to ensure the creation of an effective financial management system for companies through the provision of consultation services. It also enables individuals to acquire entrepreneurial skills that enable them to become job creators rather than job seekers. A career in accounting involves the collection, processing, and presentation of financial information. This occurs through the preparation of accounting reports that aid the management of an organization, as well as the stakeholders in decision-making. The career involves the ability to carry out an independent audit on the financial statements of a particular organization to determine their true and fair view. It also involves the ability to perform taxation computations for different organizations for purposes of tax advice and filling of tax returns. This paper gives a career plan for a successful career in the accounting field. It gives the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses that determines the level of career success. It also analyzes the formulated goals and objectives and the process that ensures their accomplishment. This paper also gives a projection of an ideal state in five years’ time. This shows the focus and objectives put in place for the achievement of a successful career. It also gives a projection of the most likely state in five years’ time. It is evident that most individual do not achieve their plan due to several factors that becomes the reality of the matter. Lastly, there is the formulation of an action plan that gives the necessary steps that could minimize the difference between the gap of the

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